A picture can hold way more than a thousand words.

Take it from a copywriter. In addition to the written content that you might need, chances are that you could use photos to go along with it. Putting together a website? You need photos. Starting a blog? You could use at least one photo. Running a social media campaign? You definitely need photos. 

I have experience across all kinds of photography niches, including landscape, wildlife, food & beverage, and product photography. However, you'll probably catch me calling myself a freelance product photographer, because that's easier than saying freelance landscape-food-wildlife-product photographer. Check out my portfolio below for some of my favourite photos! I'm based in Toronto, Canada. Tap on a photo to learn more!

I can do both in-person (landscape, wildlife, food & beverage - near Toronto, Canada) and by-mail* (product photography) photoshoots. Email me to find out more about what I can do for you!

*if you need your products returned after a by-mail product photography shoot, let me know, and we can make that happen.

*NOTE*: at this timeas a safety precaution to protect both you and I against COVID-19, I can only do by-mail photoshoots. However, if you'd like to discuss an in-person project for the future (when health regulations allow me to do in-person shoots) feel free to get in touch with me!