Hi! I'm Emmaria, but you can call me Emma.


Emmaria Cumiskey is a pen name that I started using when I realized that Olivia Gair (the name that you'll see on my resume) is more common than you'd think, and I wanted a way to differentiate myself (both to my clients and in Google searches) when I started writing and taking photos professionally. Now, you might see work under either name.


I've been creative writing for as long as I can remember. I've been copywriting professionally for a few years now, and I've probably done something related to any kind of writing you can think of. I specialize in website copy, article/interview writing, and ghostwriting. If you'd like to see some samples of my written work, feel free to shoot me an email!

I've been a photographer in one way or another for about six years. I've taken a wide variety of photos, including in the landscape, wildlife, food & beverage, and product photography niches, mostly for print and social media. Check out Photography for a glimpse at my portfolio!

I started Cumiskey Collective Creative Services as a one-stop shop for my photography and copywriting clients. No more having to pay a premium to TWO different freelancers when you need written work and photography. Need a FULL social media post or marketing campaign? You got it. When you #DoItCollectively, you can have all your business needs met in one place. Contact me for more information!